iconavast (iconavast) wrote,

Just the usual, kids. Credit iconavast (icon keyword/comment, journal info page, character profile, whatever) and don't hotlink. I love getting comments, whether it's just letting me know who you're using the pb for or for randomness, but I don't require them.

As a random note - I try to include links to sets by other iconners of the same pbs when possible because I know I like to have as many options as possible, myself. If you don't want me linking to you please let me know and I'll remove the link immediately. Alternatively, if you know of icon sets I don't have linked then please let me know and, unless I know the maker doesn't want me to link I'll add it and hopefully make things a little easier.
Currently most of my links are still to various gjs - I'll work on updating these but, come on. Would you want to hunt all those back down?
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